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It’s been a little bit crazy… December 11, 2012

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So it’s not like I have been ignoring this blog but…I sorta did.

I run a small home based business as well as working outside of the house, and it’s almost Christmas. I have been busy, BUSY finishing up Christmas craft shows and still trying(but not quite succeeding) to be a decent mom to my two kids, oh yeah and spend time with my hubs.

But the shows are over, it’s almost Christmas and I had such a fantastic weekend with my family and some really good friends. It was such a relief to just be in the moment and not thinking about everything else I need to finish up.

We decorated and baked and sang and danced. What a lovely time it was!

We have introduced Elf on the Shelf this year and I have to admit, I’m loving it. My husband and I are giggling like kids when we try to figure out where to put Spinner. Of course we are giggling when we hear the kids looking for him in the mornings as well.

So with a big sigh of relief, I’m in the moment.



Empty Nesting… September 19, 2012

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It’s three weeks into the school year and for the first time in almost 8 years I have about 5 hours each day completely alone!!!. Both of my children are in school full time this year and while a lot of parents are thinking this is amazing, I have to say I am feeling a little bit of an empty nest syndrome!. God help me when they are old enough to actually move out! I have no idea what I will do then.  Having both kids in school full time has me more determined than ever to live a healthy, organized, balanced life. In order for this to work it means that most of the “chores” get done at night time… so this leaves me about 5 hours a day all to myself…sounds great right??…WRONG!!!. I have no idea what to do with myself. Today it hit me like a ton of bricks as I found myself watching the daytime program MARILYN…which for the record is a lovely show but when the hell did I start watching it???. Today’s show had a naturopath talking about healthy eating, weight loss and exercise. Here’s what I took from the show…. the dozen smiley face Tim Hortons cookies I ate yesterday were a really bad idea, there is a vitamin to take twice a day that will help me loose belly fat! (FANTASTIC!) I have been looking for something like this!! to bad it still requires healthy eating and exercise… and the last thing I took was that I could not resist my craving for Mcdonald’s any longer. I am pretty sure that wasn’t quite what they were going for with this show but thats what my brain took from it.

So as I drove home with my meal in the passenger seat beside me I started thinking who am I? what do I like to do (other than eat)? How can I start helping my ass shrink not grow!?. I don’t have any answers currently, just a bloated stomache from that meal I had to have, a headache from thinking about it all so much, and a plan to give myself two more weeks of my empty nesting honeymoon and when it’s over I need to have a concrete plan to start doing things for me, clearing some of the clutter from my life, and volunteering at my childrens school so I can give back to the people that give my children so much.

I guess this is what the journey to the domestic life is really about!!




Wall Art August 17, 2012

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I wanted to make these posters so bad!!

So I did a variation on them (well the kids and I did). I have a few photo’s to show what I used.

To make them, you will need:

paint(I used acrylic)

sponge brushes

vinyl stickers


and for my son’s he ripped up some pages from a book and we added those.

I started my words backwards and from the bottom so I could get my spacing right.

I then painted all over the canvas. The stickers stuck pretty good, so there was not a lot of paint running underneath them.

I am going to put mine up in the master bedroom. My daughter loves the band One Direction so she chose a title from one of their songs. She loves it! They are so simple and bright.

Here is my the one my son did, who apparently likes Taio Cruz. My son is  5! LOL

There they are, easy and quick projects to put up in the bedrooms.




Welcome to my nightmare August 14, 2012

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Day two of being stuck at home feeling like a prisoner of my own body and I am compelled to start sharing my story… maybe people will relate, maybe they will think of something I haven’t… maybe it will just give me an outlet to express my feelings so I can feel alittle beter but time will tell… so here goes… Let’s rewind… When I was 18 I began experiencing alot of severe stomache issues, and days of just feeling “unwell” after numerous tests (with no definitive results) almost a year on sick leave and alot of time spent in bed it was determined that I suffer severe IBS….. 10 years later I feel IBS is a blanket way of saying we have no idea what’s wrong with you… I have been to the Dr’s numerous times in the 10 years with many more tests that don’t show much, I have tried the naturopath direction and ended up feeling worse then when I started (though she was fantastic at her job). I tried gluten free and nearly ate my own arm I was so hungry and no change in how my other symtoms acted. This past winter/Spring I started to experience extreme body pain, so much so that on certain days I couldn’t go up or down the stairs in my own home. I saw my Dr who said to track these “flare ups” as low, medium and high level. These flares usually occur in extrememly cold or damp weather or when it rains. I have been doing this since early June….it is now Mid August and I hadn’t recorded a “flare up” since mid June in which I had written that it was High level and it lasted a full 24hrs and what I had done during that time. Now mid August we have experienced almost a full week of rainy weather and my body is reminding me of the fun I have in store in the cooler months ahead. Yesterday I woke up and felt like lightning was shooting through my body, I was not able to go to work (which frustrates me to no end as it’s our busy season), I was not able to do much for my kids who are thankfully at an age where they can fend for themselves, and I was fortunate enough that my husband works a few blocks away and could come and help me at a moments notice. After sleeping alot I braved the three sets of stairs from my bedroom to my living room… this was not a graceful moment in my life as I had to sit and slide on my behind like a toddler. My kids of course thought this was a great game and didn’t think anything odd about it, but I was really upset by it. I took some medication and was able to putter around in short bursts of energy around the living room level. Enter the major frustration point… the door bell rings it’s up a flight of stairs…so it goes unanswered, my son wanted a movie on in the basement… we had to watch treehouse instead in the living room, I forgot my socks on my bed… I sent my daughter on a scavenger hunt to get them and bring them to me. I DO NOT like feeling USELESS!!. Now in day 2 of this “flare up” I am stiff, groggy and ready to be back to normal…I have never wanted to do laundry more then I do now when I am unable to get to the laundry room. My next Dr’s appointment is in September and I am really hoping for some sort of results and a path to follow that can help me continue living a normal, active pain free lifestyle in my home that I love so much.



Easy Peasy August 10, 2012

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So I thought I would try and do an easy peasy project. Who doesn’t have mason jars or any jars for that matter hanging around, waiting for the recycling?

So I gathered some mason jars, twine, and candles:

I had some sand as well from the boy’s sandbox. So I added that:

And then added the twine and placed the candles in.

I think they look so pretty.

Now it needs to stop raining so we can use them…




Which season are you? August 9, 2012

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Today as I pulled into the walmart parking lot I was greeted by the sight of two large displays containing fall mums. Most people are probably thinking already? it’s the beginning of August!!. But not me, I looked at my husband and said ” I absolutely love this time of year!! before you know it there will be pumpkins on those displays”. And then it hit me, I am a fall person. Until today I more then likely would have said that spring was my favorite season. But now I know most defintely by the severe urge to buy a mum in every color that I am a fall girl!! so bring on the smell of cinnamon, the warm days and cool evenings, the pumpkin patch and amazing color on the trees!! I am ready for you. Which season are you??



Packing and packing…oh yeah packing some more July 28, 2012

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I am supposed to be packing and prepping for our week away. We are off to the family cottage and super excited about it. The 2 kids and my husband, and I are apparently procrastinating.  I am so stoked about our time up at the cottage and yet have a serious case of the put-off-ski’s!

I wonder if I can just imagine the work being done and ka-zam! done…

So I will part with some photo’s at our attempt at packing:

carbs &…ah some recent gossip (no judging)